Robot Navigation

Navigation ability is crucial for a mobile robot. It means that the robot knows where it is, where it's heading to, and how to reach the goal location.
PuduBot has various sensors that collect environment data of all kinds, which are then fused to feed PuduTech SLAM algorithms, for accurate map creation. Relative and absolute positioning are both utilized to achieve cm-level positioning accuracy. Obstacle avoidance is fast and safe, owed to speedy response of sensors and fine control over wheel motors. The path planning ability ensures that PuduBot finds the shortest way, and thus guarantees working efficiency.

  • Accurate Map CreatiingAccurate Map Creatiing
  • Optimized Path PlanningOptimized Path
  • CM-level PositioningCM-level
  • Agile Obstacle AvoidingAgile Obstacle Avoiding
Multi-robots Collaboration

Multi-robots Collaboration

PuduBot locomotes and navigate in the interior, relying on LiDAR and UWB technology. It requires no assistance from guidance devices such as magnetic tape, rails or predefined laser paths on ground. Accordingly, our robots can move freely within the walls, which prepares the prerequisite of PuduTech ingenious and cutting edge multi-robots dispatching system. This is the system that breaks through the limitation on efficiency of meal delivery robots.

Mobile Robots Chassis

Mobile Robots Chassis

PuduBot has a well-structured chassis. It consists of six wheels, 2 of them are drive wheels and the rest caster wheels. These pairs of wheels are hung on independent suspension systems and thus, bumping on one side of the chassis won't spread to the other side. Besides, the braking time of this chassis is as short as 0.5s, preventing collision under urgent circumstances.