Multi-scene Delivery Robot

GazeBot · Multi-scene Delivery Robot
VIP Room
GazeBot is a
Multi-scene Delivery Robot
GazeBot MDR is a delivery robot created for multi-scene delivery.
It has many features such as precise positioning, stable operation, and fast speed
It can be widely used in the fields such as restaurants, hotels, airport VIP lounges and automotive 4S shops
GazeBot is your delivery expert and good assistant.
Secure Delivery
Automatic Rotary Enclosed Cabin
The enclosed cabin delivery and automatic ventilation system guarantees no odors around the clock, automatic opening and closing, easy operation, closed design, safety and reliability, multi-layer trays can flexibly meet different carrying needs.
Enclosed Cabin Delivery
Electronic Lock that Opens and Closes Automaticly
Autonomous Navigation
Dynamic Path Planning, Completely Autonomous Movement
Based on high-precision lidar, real-time positioning and multi-dimensional maps are used to realize dynamic path planning, completely autonomous movement
Office Area
Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance
360-degree High-frequency Laser Scanning
for Comprehensive Intelligent Perception of Obstacles
6 sensing methods and nearly 20 sensors are applied to meet the perception needs in different scenarios, supplemented by visual and ultrasonic recognition , comprehensive and intelligent perception of obstacles, timely feedback mechanism and flexible and efficient obstacle avoidance GazeBot can avoid pedestrians, especially children effectively while performing normal delivery services at a restaurant.
Multi-robot Collaboration
Intelligent Scheduling Algorithm, Cluster Coordination
Based on the intelligent scheduling algorithm, through local decision-making and cloud-assisted decision-making, multiple robots in the same area can work together in a coordinated manner to achieve better results. In a venue with sufficient traffic space, such as an airport, multiple robots can be put in at the same time to complete the delivery tasks more efficiently in a cluster and parallel manner.
Automatic Recharge
Electricity Monitoring, Grasping the Timing of Charging
Autonomous automatic charging system, real-time monitoring of the power, when the power is less than a fixed amount, it can be automatically recharged and it is worry-free. 15.6Ah capacity battery, 4-hours charging, 24-hour battery life.
  • Machine size
  • Tray load
  • Average speed
  • Charging time
  • Battery lifetime
  • Maximum climbing height
  • Scenario interconnection

    Elevator control

    access control intercom

    Gate intercom

    4G module

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